Congratulations, you've proposed and incredibly she's said yes... good for you, you've found someone to put up with you for the rest of her life! At some point soon it's going to be time to make it official by putting a ring on it, and that means guys figuring out what type & style of ring is going to suit you the best. You're married a long time, so you want to make a smart choice.

But what the heck do you know about men's wedding rings???

How To Choose A Men's Wedding Ring - The Top 4 Options 

So you're in the market for a men’s wedding ring. The first and most important decision you need to make is what type of metal to go for? Each of the 4 top metals contain different properties which make them ideal for men with different lifestyles, hobbies & careers. Depending on what's important to you, will depend on what type of metal you should go for.

Gold Wedding Rings

Traditionally gold has been the most popular metal used for wedding rings in the past, mainly due to the value of the metal it was made out of. Bright yellow in colour, gold wedding bands have an attractive shine & that good old fashion look to them.

Don't like yellow? You can go with white gold if you want something more modern looking, however what jewelers won't tell you is that there's actually no such thing as a white gold - what we call white gold is a mix of gold and other metals such as silver and palladium, usually coated with another white metal called Rhodium to give it that polished silver finish.

So while gold is a valuable metal,  it's also quite a soft metal. Unfortunately this means it doesn't take much to scratch or dent it out of shape. Additionally, if you go with a white gold ring you'll usually need to get a fresh rhodium replating every 12 to 36 months to repair the finish and keep it looking good.

Platinum Wedding Rings

The popularity of platinum rings has increased over recent years, and like gold this has been due in large to the fact that platinum is a valuable metal. In terms of metals, it's probably the most expensive wedding band materials available, with some rings costing in excess of $2,000 plus.

Platinum rings have a more modern look than your traditional gold, and generally speaking are fairly strong and durable. However like most precious metals, platinum is so soft that it must be alloyed (mixed) with another metal - usually ruthenium, iridium or cobalt - so that it can be hard enough to work with. So despite the fact it's expensive, platinum does still scratch & dent, and can also be quite expensive to resize or repair when you do damage it.

Titanium Wedding Rings

As a more & more guys have moved away from gold wedding rings in search for a more durable material, titanium has gained in popularity. There was a time titanium rings were the strongest metal used in jewelry, and they can still be a good choice for a relatively low maintenance metal to have.

Unlike gold, titanium is a very light weight metal - hold a titanium ring in your hand and it can feel a bit like it's made from plastic. If you're specifically looking for a super light weight ring, then it's really you're only choice. However because it is so light weight and plasticky, a common complaint is that they can feel a little cheap. 

While titanium rings are very strong, resizing and repairing the rings can be expensive. Even though they are tougher than both gold & platinum, they can still scratch. In addition you might find it difficult finding a style you like, as the range of styles is more limited than other rings due the difficulty in working with the metal. 

Tungsten Wedding Rings

The newest and latest breakthrough in jewelry evolution is the tungsten carbide ring, officially now the toughest & most durable of all ring metal types. In fact tungsten carbide is the most scratch resistant metal known to man - just one spot down from diamonds on the mol's hardness scale. 

Tungsten is around 10 times harder than 18k gold and about 50% harder than titanium, which is why it's now fast becoming the most popular metal for men looking for a durable & stylish ring. It's almost exactly the same weight as gold, so has that nice, solid, feel to it.

In addition to it being highly scratch resistant, tungsten carbide rings also won't bend or disform like you're other metals. It's also the only metal that can be "permanently polished - meaning you're tungsten carbide ring in 50 years will look just as good as it does today, no polishing or maintenance required.  The only real downside to it's incredible toughness, is that you can't resize a tungsten carbide ring.

So What Men's Ring Type Is Best?

Honestly while none of the above are a bad choice, at Designer Mens Rings we only sell tungsten carbide weddings rings. It's the only logical choice for the modern fella, that wants maximum style & durability - Why would you choose anything other than the toughest men's ring on the planet? You'll never need to worry about it getting bent out of shape, or needing to get it polished, replated, or repaired - it keeps it's polish finish forever. If you're an active, hands-on guy, it's really the only ring you'll never have to worry about.

To check out our range of men's wedding wedding rings, just follow the links below. If you see something you like, just know that we offer you a lifetime warranty on your purchase, a 30 day return & exchange policy if you're unhappy with it, and free express shipping to anywhere in Australia.