About us

The new breed of mens rings, bold & fearless in design & attitude, unafraid to be different.

Classic Style, Modern Design & Incredible Durability 

Life is short, play hard, and play to win. Learn from the past, but sometimes you need to break out, break the rules, break with tradition.

We're shaking up the establishment, bringing a modern twist to old school classics with our creations. It's vintage classiness but with a modern twist, a revolutionary modern metal for the modern man. It's the only collection of men's rings specifically designed to survive the knocks & scrapes of your active lifestyle, and looking damn good while doing it.

Our Story

After just two short years of marriage, the once brightly polished white gold ring was a tired, second rate version of it's former self. It'd be made to order, a special design, intended to last a lifetime of wear... but barely past it's 2nd anniversary it was scratched & faded. Disgusted, and determined that there must be a better option, Designer Mens Rings by Rogue Nation was born.

The problem was traditional metals, those used for men's rings, just weren't up to the task. Yes they looked bright & shinny, but once out of the box and on the finger they were too soft & weak to handle the inevitable scrapes & knocks of daily life. The search for a solution began, and in the end it was a modern one, a revolutionary modern metal, one far more durable than any other on the planet. And thus began a new evolution of modern men's rings.    

Proudly 100% Australian Owned


Lifetime Warranty