Choosing a men’s wedding ring is serious business… you’re going to be wearing that bad boy for a long time. As a bloke you really just want two main things; a ring that’s durable and that’ll hold up to the inevitable knocks & scratches of daily life, and a ring that looks good. Period.

So when it comes to durability & finding a man-proof ring, the #1 metal of choice is Tungsten – no other metal comes close. If you haven’t heard of Tungsten wedding rings before, that’s because it’s a relatively new & modern wedding band material. It has a lot of benefits over your more traditional metals, but the main benefit is it holds the title of the most scratch resistant metal on earth.

There are a bucket load of options when it comes to choosing a Tungsten carbide wedding ring as far as style is concerned. Usually the finish is silver or black in colour. It can be stamped or have other detailing on it to make it more stylish & attractive. There’s also some strange rumours about this durable material which we discuss below. At the end of the day you won’t find a more durable or scratch resistant metal for a men’s wedding band, it’s one that’ll last you a lifetime.

The Pros

  1. Right out the gate one of the biggest pros is that Tungsten carbide is the most scratch resistant metal on earth. As guys we’re not typically the most gentle lot, so this is handy. There’s also no shortage of styles to choose from.
  2. The ring will never bend or get out of shape. Unlike your traditional metals that can bend & dent over time, Tungsten is incredibly strong. This makes it a great option for anyone that works with their hands or in construction.
  3. It won’t dull, rust, discolour or need repair like some other metals will with time. It’ll stay the exact same colour as the day you bought it. If you choose a shiny style then you can guarantee that it will stay shiny.
  4. Tungsten is the only metal that can be permanently polished. That means on your 50th wedding anniversary your ring will still look as new & shiny as on the day that you got married. You’ll never need to worry about the hassle & cost of having to take it back to the jeweller every couple of years to have it cleaned or polished.
  5. The easy maintenance and care is a huge pro for this type of ring. Typically with the traditional precious metals over time the sheen fades, scratches appear and it starts to look shabby. With a Tungsten ring you don’t have to worry about dents & scratches. You don’t have to worry about it losing its sheen, that lasts a lifetime. No other metals can offer you the same guarantee. It’s honestly the closest thing you’ll get to a man-proof ring.

The Cons

  1. There were rumours floating around these types of wedding rings were so strong and powerful that in an emergency they could not be cut off the finger. That’s not true, Tungsten wedding bands can be cut off if they need to be. As a matter of fact they may be actually safer for you if you are in an accident involving your ring finger or if you work in an industry where your ring can get crushed. It will not crush or bend under pressure which means that you will very likely never know what it is like to have to have a ring cut off because of a crushing incident.
  2. Because of the incredible strength & durability of these rings, they can not be resized. So this means if your fingers do get a bit chubby you won’t be able to resize your ring. However if you buy your ring from a reputable jeweller that offers a size exchange option should you need it, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. While Tungsten rings won’t ever bend or dent, the flip side of that durability is that if you put one under extreme amount of force it may snap or shatter. Again this shouldn’t ever be a problem, but it’s also a good reason to buy your ring from a reputable jeweller that offers a lifetime warranty.
  4. Beware of the cheaper versions of these rings. While overall they are less expensive than other traditional metals like gold and silver, the cheapest varieties typically use cobalt as the alloy which can discolour your finger and turn it brown. Look for options that use nickel as the alloy & stick with well known brands.
  5. One potential con is that unlike gold or silver, Tungsten isn’t a precious metal. Unlike gold that can fluctuate in price and may become a more valuable with time, Tungsten will likely always remain an affordable option.


Men’s wedding rings made from Tungsten are an excellent choice for any guy that wants to have a durable long lasting wedding band. The pros seriously outweigh the cons; there is no more scratch resistant metal on earth, it’s the only metal you can permanently polish, it won’t bend or dent, and the possibilities are unlimited when it comes to styling. It’s the only choice if you want a wedding band that’ll look as new & shiny in 20 years, as it was the day you got married.